Zagreb - Gradski projekti u postupku planiranja grada
Zagreb - Gradski projekti u postupku planiranja grada
Zagreb - Gradski projekti u postupku planiranja grada

Tihomir Jukić Autori: Tihomir Jukić, Mojca Smode CvitanovićUrednici: Zlatko Karač, Irena Matković
Izdavač: Arhitektonski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu; Grad Zagreb, Gradski ured za strategijsko planiranje i razvoj GradaMjesto izdanja: ZagrebGodina izdanja: 2011ISBN: 978-953-6229-79-6
Katedra za urbanizam, prostorno planiranje i pejsažnu arhitekturu
Kabinet za urbanizam
Urban projects in Zagreb raise a delicate issue primarily due to an imprecise definition of the term urban projects as well as to a relationship between politics and profession. This publication is a significant scientific contribution to the first stages of research of this complex topic in Croatia. The authors have provided a critical analysis of Zagreb's political and architectural circumstances and scientifically elaborated the need to redefine urban project with an emphasis on precise definition of criteria for project selection. The authors showed seven positively assessed models of west european cities in order to illustrate. their arguments. The authors created for this scientific monograph graphic representations of the main topics and problems which make possible for the readers to explore the data individually and come to their own conclusions.(M.R.)