Section of urban design

The Section of Urban Design is an academic section of the Department for Urban Planning, Physical Planning and Landscape Architecture whose basic activities comprise teaching courses thematically pertaining to the scientific branch of urban and physical planning, and conducting research within international scientific projects, as well as scientific projects funded by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.

Courses organized by the Section of Urban Design comprise thematic fields related to urban planning and urban design. They deal with contemporary topics and processes that take place in urban spaces. Educational, research and professional activities comprise topics related to research of urban areas and urban transformations, and comprehensive planning of complex urban sections and their integration into the existing urban structure. Emphasis is placed on public and communal facilities in cities and the prevailing topic of urban transformation and planning of residential facilities as the fundamental component of an urban area which needs to be planned alongside all other necessary facilities – social, commercial, industrial, sport and recreational.

In terms of teaching methodology, complex material concerning urban design and planning is divided into problematic levels (traffic, use, aspects of protection, public-private relationships) which are combined into an integral programme through examination and analysis.
Special attention is given to the planning of selected unconsolidated urban areas which require reconstruction, extension or new construction, as well as to the principles of sustainable building emphasizing the existing values of cultural and natural heritage, a rational use of space and negotiating interest of various users of the space.

The objective of the programme is to equip students with knowledge to use the results of analytical research of a particular location and turn them into an assignment – creating an urban development concept of a particular urban section. Students should responsibly and justifiably define the uses of space, that is formulate the size and number of programmes, and predict possible results on the basis of defined urban propositions through a presentation of all potential solutions and the control over unwanted consequences. The concept of the lessons is based on theoretical and empirical knowledge.