Burg Studies - Medieval Fortified Towns of Continental Croatia

Burg Studies – Medieval Fortified Towns of Continental Croatia

Urednica: Ariana ŠtulhoferAutor: Zorislav Horvat
Publisher: Arhitektonski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu; UPI-2M PLUS d.o.o.Mjesto izdanja: ZagrebISBN: 978-953-7703-25-7
The book clearly and systematically sums up the results of the author’s research over many years on the medieval burgs of continental Croatia. The content of this monograph is organized into 15 thematic chapters which were previously published as scientific papers in the journal ”Prostor”. These texts were subsequently completed and integrated into a coherent entity, and finally adapted for publication as a monograph. The chapters offer an in-depth analysis of the architectural elements, space and parts of the burgs, the position of the burgs, entrances, walls and towers, residential quarters, chapels, roofs, timber structures, ancillary rooms, doors, windows, heating, equipment etc. The monograph does not present the burgs in the form of ”a catalogue” nor does it give their individual detailed analysis. Instead, it provides a comprehensive evaluation of the entire burg heritage in Croatia which comprises hundreds of examples. An exceptionally valuable and attractive part of the book are numerous drawings made by the author himself as well as the architectural surveys and photographs made on site.