Dubrovnik - the Centre behind teh City : A Study into Urban Transformation

Dubrovnik – the Centre behind teh City : A Study into Urban Transformation

Krunoslav  Šmit Autori: Krunoslav Šmit, Borka Bobovec, Nataša IvaniševićUrednik: Ines Brezetić
Publisher: Arhitektonski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu; Grad Dubrovnik;Mjesto izdanja: ZagrebGodina izdanja: 2013ISBN: 978-953-6229-93-2
Katedra za urbanizam, prostorno planiranje i pejsažnu arhitekturu
The book Dubrovnik - Centre behind the City: Urban Transformation Study presents four research projects which explored the possibility of urban transformation of the area called Behind the City located outside the walls, along the central, northern section of the historical centre of Dubrovnik. The research conducted within the urban planning workshop organized by the City of Dubrovnik was aimed at investigating the opinions of professionals and the general public about the ways in which public interest can be ensured by the activation of the Behind the City area and its transformation into the Centre Behind the City. The international competition within the EUROPAN 11 Centre behind the City 52 programme included applicants from various parts of Europe who proposed innovative urban and architectural solutions for a new model of the urban area which can provide sound solutions to both contextual and functional problems of this challenging location. The international urban planning workshop «Urban Transformation of the Trench along the Walls» was organized in Dubrovnik and included students and professors from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and Barcelona. The primary focus of the workshop placed on the Behind the City area was broadened to include the entire area around the city walls as well as to the contact zone between the historical city centre and the surrounding areas. Such a widened scope of interest gave way to new aspects of looking at the mutual relationship between the city and its centre. A synthesis of the results of the conducted research gave an integral but layered view on the transformation characteristics of Dubrovnik and its Centre behind the City, and was consequently turned into guidelines and conclusions on the suitable forms of urban transformation of the city.