Manual for Seismic Retrofitting of the Existing Masonry Buildings

Manual for Seismic Retrofitting of the Existing Masonry Buildings

Josip Galić Hrvoje Vukić Davor Andrić Lucija Stepinac Autori: Josip Galić, Hrvoje Vukić, Davor Andrić, Lucija Stepinac
Publisher: Arhitektonski fakultet Sveučilišta u ZagrebuMjesto izdanja: ZagrebGodina izdanja: 2020ISBN: 978-953-8042-53-9
Katedra za arhitektonske konstrukcije i zgradarstvo
Kabinet za nosive konstrukcije
In the wake of the earthquake that struck Zagreb on 22 March 2020 people were confronted with a myriad of various technological solutions that hardly clarify anything to anyone who is not a professional in the fields of construction and architecture. Conceived as a safe guide to repair and renovation, the manual appears to be a trustworthy professional source of information. The manual offers four levels of repair and renovation strategies: the first one deals with the preservation of buildings with minimal improvements; the second one considers the ways to strengthen the structure by at least 50 per cent upon the present condition; the third one opts for strengthening the structure by 100 per cent. The fourth solution envisages a more invasive solution for strengthening the whole building with a reinforced concrete structure.