Šegvić's Mediterranean - Student travel book

Šegvić's Mediterranean – Student travel book

Urednica: Jana Horvat
Publisher: Sveučilište u Zagrebu Arhitektonski fakultetMjesto izdanja: ZagrebGodina izdanja: 2018ISBN: 978-953-8042-33-1
Katedra za arhitektonsko projektiranje
Hrvatski prostor i arhitektura – Dalmacija
Šegviæ’s Mediterranean is the title of a newly-published student travel book with 100 illustrations. The book was compiled and written by several enthusiastic Master program students of architecture, primarily Jana Horvat as the chief editor and graphic designer Dora Kasun. Besides students, editorial board members were also field class instructors for Dalmatia who teach the course Architecture in Croatian Regions. They wrote short reviews in honour of professor Neven Šegviæ’s architectural work and teaching. The book mainly contains students’ contributions: a series of selected and attractively presented impressions in the form of drawings, photographs and texts. Quick sketches are the first ”intuitive” analysis of prof. Šegviæ’s architecture while the selected photographs provide valuable documents. The text as the third medium of this book, appears in the form of hand-written notes ranging from serious and documentary ones to those reflecting personal impressions, dilemmas and questions.(M.Š.B.)