Cinema Samobor - Student Workshop
Cinema Samobor - Student Workshop
Cinema Samobor - Student Workshop

Cinema Samobor – Student Workshop

Mentori: Mia Roth Čerina, Zorana Protić, Tajana Jaklenec, Ivana Fabrio, Vedran Kasap, Luka BorčićUrednica: Tajana JaklenecKritičari: Tonči Čerina, Nika Pavlinek
Publisher: Arhitektonski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu; Pučko otvoreno učilište SamoborMjesto izdanja: ZagrebGodina izdanja: 2018ISBN: 978-953-6152-43-8
Katedra za arhitektonsko projektiranje
Studij dizajna
The publication entitled Cinema Samobor / Student workshop presents the results of a student workshop set up on the initiative of the Samobor’s town government in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture and the School of Design of the University of Zagreb. The aim of the workshop was to find the best way to transform the Cinema building into a representative cultural event centre in Samobor. During the weekend sessions held in March 2018 students of architecture and design together with their supervisors proposed four solutions which promote a recognizable image and new strategies of using the cinema building. Projects with accompanying texts and graphic contributions presented in this publication help the audience to get a clear and appealing visual picture of the students’ concepts and ideas.